Camolighter Review

Camolighter Review 2021: Does This USB Rechargeable Lighter Legit Or Scam?

Camolighter Review

Fire is one of the most important discoveries that humanity has ever made. It’s hard to imagine surviving in the wild without access to a fire source.

Fire is important in every way, from the warmth it can provide to the protection it can provide you against wild animals.

Having a lighter on hand helps you to use it as an emergency light source.

The lighter should be long-lasting and weather resistant. Nothing should be able to stop it from functioning, including rain, snow, and the sun. It must also not be easily broken. Its components should all do their jobs correctly and never fail.

Anyone who has served in the military knows that a lighter is one of the most effective tools for removing bulky strings from clothing. Simply switch on all channels and let the fire burn for a second or two before the chain breaks. Before the flame reaches your clothing, put it out.

It’s great because it eliminates the chain and stops you from pulling and pulling on a rope that would otherwise ruin your clothing.

A lighter is one of the easiest ways to get loose strings out of your clothes, as everyone in the military knows. Simply set any lines ablaze and leave them to burn for a second or two before the chain is gone.Be sure to put out the flame before it reaches your clothing. It’s great because it eliminates the chain and prevents you from pulling and pulling on a string that could otherwise cause you harm.

A camolighter review was created after hours of in-depth study and testing to take you through all the necessary details you need about this new rechargeable plasma camolighter that has been trending in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and many other countries.

Camolighter Review
Camolighter Review

What Is Camolighter? (Camolighter Review)

Camolighter is a self-contained lightning generator that generates a windproof and waterproof flame. You heard that correctly: waterproof. There are several windproof lighters on the market, but they all need fossil fuels to operate. Fossil fuels are heavy to transport, highly flammable, harmful to the environment, and quickly evaporate.

Since the Camolighter is 100% electric and its flame is a plasma arc, it can remain lit even when submerged. Since lightning strikes even when it’s raining, why shouldn’t Camolighter stay lit even when it’s dripping wet?

Camolighter, also known as plasma lighter, electric lighter, USB rechargeable lighter, and arc lighter, is a useful technology. These camolighters are long-lasting, water-resistant, and windproof. Plasma, also known as the fourth state of matter, is an ionized gas that allows electrons to circulate freely. Since they don’t include the flammable gauze used in butane lighters, these camolighters are a better alternative.

Camolighter is the lighter world’s “Alpha Male.” In today’s world, it’s a rough, gritty, rugged basic tool that you just can’t do without. A strong LED flashlight is built into the bottom of the Camolighter lighter housing.

An USB cable is used to recharge these arc camolighters. With these flameless and windproof arc camolighters, you can light your cigarette anywhere, at any time. The camolighters employ cutting-edge technology to generate an electric spark in any wind or weather situation, safely and without the use of an open flame. We’ve made sure to put the best lighter in your hands ( camolighter).

With your new favorite camolighter, you can light a fire in the wind or rain with the click of a button. With the top-facing plasma dual arcs, the latest and improved design keeps all of the features you enjoy while making it even easier to light.

Outdoor camolighter is a waterproof, windproof, electric lighter that does not require butane or altitude changes. It’s ideal for camping, survival, or a cookout in the backyard. Simply touch the dual arcs to something flammable to start a fire.

Features Of Camolighter (Camolighter Review)

A product’s greatness is often measured by its features. The attributes of the product, or what it contains, play a role in deciding whether or not anyone would purchase it. In this regard, the Camolighter has unique features that set it apart from other related products on the market. The following are some of these characteristics:


The Arc Camolighter is a rechargeable electric lighter with no flame, no butane, and is weather-resistant. It’s ideal for camping, traveling, and hiking, and it works well even on windy days.


Camolighter has been upgraded with four LED battery lights that reflect various power levels and can remind you to recharge it ahead of time. A high-quality battery cycle will last between 300 and 500 charges.


The dual arc camolighter is five times faster than a single arc electronic lighter; it is made of high-quality zinc alloy and a high-temperature resistance ceramic layer, making it stable and durable; it makes it easier to light candles and cigarettes.

  • Great GIFT

Camolighter comes in an elegant gift box, looks cool, and will undoubtedly make friends scream; this is most likely a perfect gift for birthdays, friends, relatives, lovers, company, and other occasions.


The camolighter employs plasma technology, which eliminates the need for hazardous chemicals. After completely charging, the plasma camolighter has a large capacity battery that can be used for more than 300 ignitions, please Note: During the ignition, there will be a noise of ” zee, zee,” which is high-voltage power generation; please don’t be alarmed.


Camolighter comes in a sleek and elegant design with double power. It works by creating an electric arc with one press of a button. Simply plug it in to charge and you’re good to go.


At just 2.8 x 1.9 x 0.75 inches, the Tough “Dual Arc” camolighter is extremely small and light. It’s also very light, weighing just 2.1 ounces. As a result, you can take it around with you and not recognize it.


A quick look at other lighters will reveal a slew of concerns about cheap lighters. We’ve made certain to offer you the best lighter available. No more trapped tobacco leftovers like coil lighters with these double arc camolighters, which are made of solid zinc alloy and will not melt or fall apart like other plastic lighters on Amazon.

  • Easy TO USE: 

You don’t have time to fiddle with advanced survival techniques if you’re in a survival situation. Don’t be concerned. The Tough “Dual Arc” camolighter creates a roaring fire with the push of a button. It’s simple pleasure.


We go above and beyond to have the best value and customer service possible. If you are not fully satisfied with our lighter, we will refund your money in full, no questions asked. 


A side-by-side analysis would show without a shadow of a doubt that our camolighter provides more BANG for your buck and is of better quality than the competition. There will be no more fake disposable lighters! All of this is housed in a lovely gift box.


 USB Rechargeable Windproof, No gas, no fluid, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly. The camolighter also has a large lid, which keeps children healthy when the lighter is charging or not in use – Great alternative to Zippo, Bic, or Clipper brand gas filled lighters.

Technical Specifications Of Camolighter (Camolighter Review)

1) Top-Facing Plasma Dual Arcs: Makes lighting larger objects simpler.

2) Long battery life (approximately 300-500 charges)

3) Waterproof built-in flashlight with three modes of operation: white, ultra-bright, and blinking. a hundred lumens

4) Cut open a 15″ paratinder neck lanyard to reveal flammable material.

5) Whistle: To warn rescuers, use the 120 decibel whistle.

6) Charging: To charge your lighter, use the included Micro-USB (lighter side) to USB (computer or wall outlet plug) cable (included). The charging time is usually 2 hours.

7) Additional Safety Features: Time-out of ten seconds

8) Waterproof & Windproof: Works in all types of weather.

9) Waterproof and Shockproof Case: Made of durable ABS plastic with a wire safety latch.

10) 1 Micro USB charging cable is included.

Camolighter Review
Camolighter Review

Why I Need Camolighter (Camolighter Review)

Using an electricity-generated plasma beam to ignite things has many advantages. The plasma beam from the Rechargeable Plasma CamoLighter is fully wind and splash proof, unlike a traditional butane flame.

Do you ever use an old-fashioned butane lighter? Get yourself the Rechargeable CamoLighter and enter the future of lighters. Butane lighters are almost obsolete thanks to recent advancements in plasma technology. The camolighter is more environmentally friendly, less toxic, and TSA-approved!

Another advantage of the CamoLighter is that it does not contain butane, which is extremely poisonous to humans. Your wellbeing is vital, and any method of reducing harmful carcinogen exposure is often preferable. These lighters are also environmentally friendly. Each Camolighter is totally rechargeable, with a single charge lasting up to 300-500 uses.

As a result, when the weather turns bad, you won’t have any trouble finding a light. You’ll be able to produce a powerful plasma beam even though it’s raining.

Uses Of Camolighter (Camolighter Review)

CamoLighters are simple but powerful devices that enable us to:

Prepare food

Water should be brought to a boil (and then sterilized).

Areas should be illuminated.

Predators are kept at bay.

The versatility of lighters contains both of these abilities. Fire equals heat energy, and we can tap into this energy with a lighter at any time and in any place!

For burning loose strings on new clothing, I keep a lighter on hand.

If you get lost in the woods at night, you can use the flint to warn search parties and planes. In an otherwise darkened landscape, the small bright flash stands out nicely.

You keep a plastic camolighter covered in a few feet of duct tape in your camping gear. It fits in a pocket better than duct tape on a roll. A camolighter outperforms matches in terms of water resistance and flint/magnesium bars in terms of ease of use.. And with a camolighter the size of a few books of matches, you can ignite a few hundred fires.

If you’re stranded, fire is a vital survival tool for keeping warm, staying dry, sterilizing water, and cooking food.

A survival specialist and warzone journalist sent me a handy survival camolighter that can be attached to a keychain.

Benefits Of Camolighter (Camolighter Reviews)

Camolighters are lovely creations that allow you to reach the world of fire with just a tap.

We’ve come a long way after grinding stones together for hours and making a flame!

However, there should be some valid reasons to have a good lighter with you at all times.

However, there should be some valid reasons to have a good lighter with you at all times.

How do you choose the best of these teeny-tiny containers? On what do you base your comparison?

  • It’s an eye-catching piece.

Some things shouldn’t be restricted to their stereotypes. Lighters are one of these things. To bring an elegant and trendy camolighter, you don’t have to be a hardcore smoker. For decades, they’ve been an important part of men’s accessories.

They don’t have the same strange connotations as before, such as a slim man who is possibly a chain smoker who has destroyed his company and home. Today, a well-designed plasma lighter denotes beauty and class.

It’s much more than just a tool for starting a fire.

  • Be prepared for any scenario!

Days are no longer predictable. There’s no need to overlook simple survival techniques and tips. If you do a search on the internet, you will find numerous articles and videos extolling the importance of regular cigarette lighters as a means of survival!

It should be a must-have item in your daily carry-on bag.

  • Cost-effectiveness

If you plan on carrying a camolighter on a regular basis, it’s easy to forget about it. It is very likely for you to forget it at places to visit, particularly if you are a newbie.

  • The goal

The two most important factors to consider when purchasing a lighter are its durability and versatility of which the producer of Camolighter considered first before manufacturing.

If you are a non-smoker and want to purchase a lighter to carry in your Mini survival pack, make sure it does not stop working after a short period of I recommend Camolighter for you.

  • Getting the look just right

If you’re a man looking for a lighter to go with your accessories, you can go all out and buy one of the designer camolighters, which are handcrafted and all about the show.

A man who is concerned about matching his accessories to his outfit must have a variety of choices!

How To Use Camolighter Work?(Camolighter Reviews)

These camolighters use a lithium ion battery to produce a small electrical “arc” that is much hotter than an open flame, rather than using fluid or friction to start a flame.All you have to do to light your candle is hold down the button , you’ll hear a soft zapping noise and see a bright line of light at the head of the camolighter and lower it to the wick. Your candle should start burning right away.

It lights the candle quicker than an open flame because it is hotter. Since there is no open flame, you can light stuff even in windy conditions, making it ideal for outdoor use.

It’s ready to use after completely charging it (it comes with a USB charging cable), which can take up to a few hours. The safety lock prevents children from playing with matches, but once unlocked, the lighter’s simple button mechanism makes it easy to use right away.

The neck can be rotated in any direction or configuration, allowing you to light stuff upside down while keeping your fingers secure. This clever, secure design could handle any shape or depth of my candle.

The camolighter will produce 500 ignitions on a single charge. This is still higher than conventional lighters, but the beauty is that the next 500 can be obtained simply by recharging.

A rechargeable arc camolighter is also more dependable than other lighting methods. Poor quality matches or poor match striking form are another battle to fight. Fluid lighters can go mysteriously kaput for no apparent reason or take multiple attempts to ignite, while poor quality matches or poor match striking form are another battle to fight. The rechargeable camolighter performs consistently and reliably every time.

Camolighter Review
Camolighter Review

Where To Purchase Camolighter(Camolighter Reviews)

Purchasing Camolighter from the official website makes a wonderful Sense ,the producer has a direct OFFICIAL WEBSITE where you can purchase the product which is easy and very Legit. And  if you can buy more than one product you can do that through a special offer that the producer makes available at any time.

This means that you can purchase as many as you want(CamolighterREVIEW) and pay lesser for its pieces,the offer is complete and uncomplicated to deliver within few minutes depending the location ,all you need to do is to complete the payment address provided to you in the website and leave the rest for us as we continue our work 

One of the wonderful things is the means  of payment  to the producer. The buyer of Camolighter does not take risk because he can make payment options that are satisfactory for him/her such as PayPal or credit card.

And the possibility of you sending the product (Camolighter) back when you did not like it and your money will be refunded without any problem once the product is just 30 days old is provided.

Another advantage is the fast delivery of Camolighter which just takes place at your door steps,the product will be delivered in a few minutes or days depending on the location and can be used immediately.

Customers Reviews And Feedback On Camolighter ( Camolighter Reviews)

This is an excellent product. I have four of these, two of which are recent and two of which are old. One is for my wood stove, one is for my fireplace, one is for my bug out pack, and one is for general housekeeping. As long as the sun shines once in a while, I’ll be able to start a fire with the tiny solar panel in my bug out pocket.” -Micheal Tessey

WOW, an electric lighter. There was no liquid fuel, no flints, no odor, and no leaks. Any USB charger can be used to “fill” the unit (including Power Solar Chargers) Windproof, even when muddy, it “fires.” WHAT IS THERE NOT TO LIKE? This is an excellent unit. Ben Bruce

Frequently Asked Questions On Camolighter Reviews

Q: Can I take the camolighter on a plane with me?

A: While some airlines will authorize you to carry lithium-ion battery-powered devices in your carry-on, others will confiscate your camolighter. To be on the safe side, we suggest leaving your lighter at home.

Q: Would I be “shocked” or “tazed” by the Plasma CamoLighter?

A: Touching the electric arcs can feel like a painful bite or a static electricity shock, just ten times stronger. It will undoubtedly jolt you awake! We advise against touching the arcs. If you do, though, there will be no long-term consequences other than a few tiny red marks on your skin.

Q: My Camolighterlighter has stopped working. Is it possible to get a replacement?

A: As long as the lighter does not display excessive wear and use, we will respect the manufacturer’s warranty within three months of purchase. You must either mail the lighter back to us or send us 2-3 pictures as evidence of the defect or malfunction.

We can’t say if it was a pre-existing defect or if you directly damaged the lighter unless the lighter is in original condition with no signs of wear or harm. We recognize that every electronic device has a few faulty units, so if yours is genuinely defective, we will make every effort to replace it. Contact us at [email protected] to get a replacement for your damaged lighter.

Final Thoughts On Camolighter Review

The term “lighter” does a disservice to this remarkable piece of technology. This high-quality piece of equipment, when combined with the optional camoCharger accessory, becomes a perpetual power generation system capable of producing a virtually limitless, clean-burning plasma arc flame that will never go out.

You might be thinking that the price will be the main source of your concern . You might expect it to be expensive because it is made of high-end materials and uses technology developed by Nikola Tesla, a master scientist and genius. But It turns out that you were mistaken. Camolighter is very affordable.

To bring these lighters into the hands of as many Americans as possible, CamoLighter is running a temporary sale where they are selling them for less than half the price of rival goods. Supplies are extremely small, so call ahead to see what’s availability now.

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