Contours Rx Lids By Design Review

Contours RX Lids By Design Review 2021: Does This Contour Worth It?

Do you want to know a little secret? Every morning, before you start your day, you have a routine that makes you feel young, beautiful, and confident… you  start with a morning jog, a super healthy smoothie and after a nice hot shower, you apply corrective strips to your eyes. And that’s it! You are ready to head out the door. No eyeshadow, no makeup. Just your natural face with an instant eye lift!”

Maybe when you were in your early 20’s, you  barely wore any makeup. You would put on a layer of mascara and head out the door. You had pride in your natural beauty, fresh looking face, and wrinkle free, smooth skin. But these days, when you look in the mirror, you barely recognize the person looking back at you.

If the saying goes, “your eyes are the windows to your soul”, wouldn’t you want some amazing curtains? Your eyelids have taken a hard hit through the years. Sometimes people think you are scowling, upset, or tired, because of your droopy eyelids. 

What you really need, is some kind of instant, miracle solution. Something that doesn’t hurt and works fast! You weighed out your options, but everything these days come with high risk for what could be little reward.

Contours Rx’s LIDS BY DESIGN

If you’ve never tried (or heard of) correcting strips for your eyes, the purpose of contours RX Lids by Design is  to redefine and recontour your eyelids. They are easily applied to your eyelids and create a beautiful, natural crease, for bigger, bolder eyes.

These corrective eye strips can be worn every day and come in different widths so you can recontour your eyelids for your ideal look. You wore the LIDS BY DESIGN on one eye and a generic brand on the other for one week. Or at least I tried.

In this contours RX Lids By Design review, we provided our esteemed readers with all the necessary information you need about this life facial changing eyelids  which could be used by everybody  to improve your self esteem and facial looks. you will get to understand all  about this contours RX Lids By Design Review, its benefits, cons, pros and even written user Contours RX Lids By Design review as well as why it’s rated above similar products. sit tight as we dive into Contours RX Lids By Design review proper.

Contours Rx Lids By Design Review
Contours Rx Lids By Design Review

What Is Contours RX Lids By Design Review:

Contours Rx Lids By Design is dermatologist tested, medical grade, latex free, and hypoallergenic eye strip that can be worn to recontour your eyelids for an ideal look. 

Contours RX Lids By Design is a corrective eye strips that can be worn every day and come in different widths that  recontour your eyelids for your ideal look. It can be worn on one eye and a generic brand on the other for one week. 

No wonder it feels so comfortable!

Contours Rx has developed a revolutionary product that’s taking the beauty world by storm. LIDS BY DESIGN is an instant solution to saggy, droopy, hooded eyelids, without going under the knife. This corrective strip works to instantly create a more contoured eyelid for a natural, more youthful look.

The LIDS BY DESIGN Pack comes in the 6mm size to create your ideal lift. It can be used to create a moderate lift that works for wearing every day at the office, or when you want to create a more dramatic look for nights out or special occasions.

Contours Rx is a well design and skin like technology and prides themselves by only using the best quality materials that lab tested in the US and guaranteed to be safe for the eyes.

Contours RX Lids By Design have helped women and men with:

Heavy Hooding / Droopy Lids, Tired Aged Eyes, Excess skin laying on the lashes, Asymmetry, Loss of Collagen & Elasticity, Headaches due to Frontal Pressure, Impaired Vision, Loss of Motor Function, Ptosis, Dermatochalasis, Blepharitis, Pathophysiology.

Features Of Contours RX Lids By Design Review:

The greatness of a product is often determined by its features. The qualities or what the product contains go along  determining whether someone will buy it or not. In this respect, Contours RX Lids By Design has outstanding features that keep it above other similar products in the global market. These features are as follows:

Inclusive Design – 

No other product on the market is quite like LIDS BY DESIGN. It’s the only corrective strip created by medical experts. It’s latex-free, hypoallergenic, and works with any skin tone.

  • Instant Results –

 Unlike surgery or fillers, LIDS BY DESIGN works instantly! You won’t have to wait around for results or need any recovery time. The strips are translucent and easily blend as they make contact with your skin.

  • Completely Safe! – 

Because LIDS BY DESIGN is medical grade, it is very unlikely for any allergic reactions to occur and safe to wear all day long/everyday.

Correct Asymmetry – Not all eyelids are made the same. Use LIDS BY DESIGN to correct asymmetry in your eyes and achieve the look you’ve always wanted!

  • Define Your Eyelids –

 As your eyes are losing elasticity as you age or you naturally have smaller eyelids, LIDS BY DESIGN will blend into any skin tone to create a more youthful appearance.

  • Non-Surgical Solution – 

It is an everyday solution to hooded, droopy eyes! It’s risk free, safety, and requires no recovery time.

Benefits Of Contours RX Lids By Design Review:

1. Restoring a Younger Shape Above the Eye As You Make Use Of Contours RX Lids By Design

One of the  reason people seek upper eyelid surgery, also called upper blepharoplasty, is to look younger.

 Humans have thin, delicate skin above our upper eyelid. Many times, skin has a less collagen with a natural protein that makes the skin firm. If it happens that  the skin can’t withstand gravity so it sags and droops.

Why this happens to all living creatures to some degree, certain people are genetically predisposed to drooping eyelids or ptosis. Those people could notice this problem from an early age, but aging can make it worse as early as their 20s and 30s.

Upper blepharoplasty is the only effective, reliable way to get rid of that excess skin and give your eyes a younger look.

2. Looking More Rested and Alert As You Make Use Of Contours RX Lids By Design

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night to go to the restroom? If you looked in the mirror in the process, you probably noticed that your eyes were half-closed and noticeably tired.

When the skin sags above your upper eyelids, it has the same effect. It makes your eyes look droopy and partially closed. This is why so many upper eyelid surgery patients say that after surgery, people remark about how well-rested they look.

3. A Boost of Confidence As You Make Use Of Contours RX Lids By Design

They say that beauty is only skin-deep, but anyone will tell you that this isn’t true. Your opinion about your appearance matters.

If you feel self-conscious about looking older or tired, it weighs on you every day. The nagging discomfort is always in the back of your mind. Some people are even so unhappy with their appearance that they shy away from family photos and other fun occasions.

Getting rid of that self-consciousness with upper blepharoplasty can lift a weight off your shoulders, leaving you more free to enjoy each day.

4. More Positive Social Interactions As You Make Use Of Contours RX Lids By Design

If you’ve ever had someone mention that you look like you’re in a bad mood even though you aren’t, your eyelids could be to blame.

Narrowing your eyes is part of making a frown. Unfortunately, when the skin above your eyelids sags so much that it makes your eyes look smaller, it has the same cosmetic effect.

You may be surprised how much of a difference you’ll see in your social interactions when you no longer have an “angry resting face.” People will see you as more friendly and positive, so they’ll approach you in a more cheerful manner too.

5. An Improved Field of Vision As You Make Use Of Contours RX Lids By Design

In people who don’t have sagging eyelids in their genes, usually, any skin sagging is a cosmetic issue. For those with a genetic risk for it, though, their genes combine with their natural aging to create a more severe droop.

In fact, the sagging can become so severe that it falls in front of your eye and blocks part of your vision.

It takes time for that sagging to happen, so the change may be too subtle for you to realize. Try this test: take your thumbs and push up your eyebrows. If this gives you a better field of vision, then upper eyelid surgery probably would, too.

6. Less Time in Front of the Mirror As You Make Use Of Contours RX Lids By Design

Everyone has their way of dealing with facial aging. Some people choose to deal with it by using tricks and techniques to make it less noticeable.

When it comes to aging and sagging skin above your eyes, that technique is makeup contouring. You may spend several extra minutes every day in front of the mirror, drawing and blending with different colors to make your upper eyelids look younger.

After upper eyelid surgery, you can cut out that part of your morning routine. You’ll have the natural definition you want below your eyebrows instead of trying to create it with an optical illusion.

7. Customizable Options As You Make Use Of Contours RX Lids By Design

Part of the frustration of aging is that it affects your face in several ways at the same time. Chances are that sagging skin above your eyelids isn’t the only part of your appearance you want to improve.

When you have upper eyelid surgery, you can combine it with other treatments to get more comprehensive results.

8. More Freedom for Cosmetic Creativity As You Make Use Of Contours RX Lids By Design

Who among us doesn’t want to have more options in life? When you see a great new eye makeup trend but you can’t use it because sagging skin blocks your upper eyelids, that seemingly small limitation can be frustrating.

Upper eyelid surgery doesn’t just open your eyes. It opens doors.

With a more youthful and desirable contour above your eyes, you’ll have the freedom to try anything from a smoky eye to a colorful rainbow of eyeshadow.

Even if you already have a favorite eye makeup routine, upper eyelid surgery will make it easier by giving you more space to work with.

9. Great Improvements with Minimal Scarring As You Make Use Of Contours RX Lids By Design

With every cosmetic surgery, patients have to make a choice. Which would they prefer to have: the aesthetic issue they have now or the scars that the surgery would leave behind.

In upper eyelid surgery, that decision is far easier than most. When we perform this procedure, we make the small incisions in a way that hides them within the natural folds of your eyelid.

After the initial healing period, most patients have a hard time seeing their incisions at all. Not only does this give you a great-looking result, but it allows you to control who you tell about your surgery. You’ll avoid all the awkward questions about how you got your scar because no one will see it.

10. Long-Term Results As You Make Use Of Contours RX Lids By Design

Some cosmetic treatments don’t produce the long-lasting results patients expect. This is especially true with non-surgical treatments.

Today, there are several non-surgical skin tightening treatments available, but they all have catches.

Some aren’t safe to use in the area around your eyes, so they won’t firm the skin above your upper eyelid. Others may be safe for that area, but the results they achieve are subtle and last a year or two.

Upper eyelid surgery is different. It won’t stop the skin from aging and sagging again, because nothing can, but it tends to last five to seven years or much longer.

If you were born with more skin above your eyelids to begin with, your skin might never age enough to take you back to the way you looked before your surgery.

Contour Rx Lids By Design Review
Contours Rx Lids By Design Review

Story Of Contours Rx Lids By Design User:

A few months ago, a lady celebrated the big 50.

When getting ready for her lavish birthday dinner,she almost had a meltdown. She was rummaging through her closet and she felt like she had nothing to wear. She was looking in the mirror and her face looked old, her eyes were tired, and she didn’t recognize herself anymore.

She called her friend Mariah to come over for some moral support. Mariah is 55, newly retired, and always looks amazing. She wears her age well and oozes confidence. 

“because Mariah don’t know what’s wrong with her”as  she was sobbing on the floor of  walk-in closet. 

“Mariah said you have to get off the floor if we’re going to make the reservations for your birthday!” Mariah giggled and helped her off the floor. She guess it was a bit funny to see a grown woman crying over what to wear. 

“she went through the exact same thing when she turned 50. Heck, she broke down when she turned 30! She know it doesn’t seem like it, but she had a tough time coming to terms with her aging body, especially her face.”

She was really surprised by this. Mariah is always so confident!

Mariah pulled out her cosmetic case and showed her the exact same correction strips she uses. 

Results To Expect As You Make Use Of Contours RX Lids By Design (Review)


When you opened the box for Contours Rx, you will pleasantly surprised to see. It comes in a convenient box to keep all the strips in order with a pair of tweezers to easily lift the strips off the sheet.

If you follow the manual, its pretty easy to apply. Today you wore the 6mm strips. They look natural, the strip is translucent and blends well into your skin (It have olive skin tone), and its super comfortable. It barely notice its there! And more importantly, your eyelid will look lifted!

Now for the generic brand, if you compare it to Contours Rx, I’m guessing this one is maybe 3mm-4mm wide? It doesn’t come with tweezers, and both sides of the strip are sticky. It’s a bit difficult to pick up, but once you do and place it on your eye, it seems to stay in place.


After wearing both strips, you will found that Contours Rx stayed in place all day, but the other brand lost its stickiness after four hours and just fell off. It also fell off at the worse time possible! You were paying for a coffee when the barista politely whispered, “Excuse me, but I think your eyelid is peeling off”. I was mortified!

The generic brand will also make your eyelid a bit red and itchy, so I don’t think you will continue wearing them. I’m afraid it may be an allergic reaction to the adhesive or the material of the strip. Contours Rx is dermatologist tested, medical grade, latex free (this is probably what was in the other brand), and hypoallergenic. No wonder it feels so comfortable!

So far you will ecstatic with the results you will be getting with Contours Rx. You will like that they are disposable, so you can wear a fresh new pair every day and choose a different width depending on the look you are going for.

You can see a noticeable difference in your eyes and you will be getting compliments from everyone! Someone will even ask you  if you went ‘under the knife’! They will be shocked when you let them in on your little secret. 

Tonight you will be going to a swanky work event. After putting on the strips, you will apply your eyeshadow seamlessly! You will love the depth the strip gives your eye and how smooth the makeup goes on. You can’t wait to show off your new look!

Where Can I Buy Contours Rx Lids By Design (Reviews)

It makes a wonderful Sense to choose the producer directly,they have official website where you can purchase the product,Note that if you can buy more than one product you can do that through a special offer that the producer makes available at anytime

This is to say that you can buy as many as you want and pay lesser for its pieces,the offer is complete and uncomplicated to deliver within few minutes depending the location

Another wonderful thing is the means of which your payment can be made to the producer, the buyer does not take risk because he can make options of payment that is satisfactory for him such as PayPal or credit card.

The possibility of you sending the product back when you did not like it and   your money will be refunded without any problem once the product is just 30 days old .

Another advantage is the fast delivery which just take place at your door steps,the product will be delivered few minutes or days depending on the location and can be used immediately.

Customers Review About Contours Rx Lids By Design

Amazing Results!

Amazing results! Love them, Wear daily! Better than eye makeup! Have even worn swimming and don’t come off.

By Linda

Droopy Lid Gone

Amazing! I am 49 and look great for my age. Unfortunately my right eye developed a serious droop about 2 months ago . I never write reviews . I am writing this one because I am so happy with this product. 2 tries and I had it down. I can’t even see it in my eyelid and I know it’s there. The lift is perfection! My self esteem is restored .

By Julia

First time users best friend

This is a great idea. I went to see a plastic surgeon for my heavy lids and the cost of a surgery to remove a little piece of skin is too much for my pocket book. This is a great solution. The smaller sizes lift my eye lids slightly and the larger sizes gibe me noticeable results.

By Elizabeth

Amazing Results!

I have had droopy eye lids my whole life. Now that I’m 50 they cover my eyelashes, but not anymore! I used all the sizes with great results. And I will be ordering again and again. Very happy customer.

By  Quindaline

Contours Rx Lids By Design Review
Contours Rx Lids By Design Review

Frequently Asked Questions On Contours Rx Lids By Design Review:

Question:Is LIDS BY DESIGN safe to use?

Answer: Yes. The medical grade correcting strips are hypoallergenic, latex free, have been dermatologist tested and use adhesive made from organic materials.

Question:Will LIDS BY DESIGN last all day?

Answer: Yes. For the longest wear, apply the correcting strip to clean, dry eyelids – free of all oils, makeup, and moisturizers. When applied properly, the organic-based adhesive is designed to last up to 24 hours.

Question:How many correcting strips are in each package?

Answer: Each package contains 80 strips

Question:What if I get my placement wrong?

Answer: Placement takes practice. If you don’t get your ideal placement on the first try, simply remove the correcting strip and reposition as needed. Once you have found the perfect placement, remove the practice strip and replace it with a fresh strip for all-day wear.

Question:Can I reuse the strip?

Answer: Each LIDS BY DESIGN correcting strip is intended for one time use only. Strips may be reused to practice placement, but otherwise should be discarded once removed.

Question:Can I wear LIDS BY DESIGN with contact lenses?

Answer: Yes. Our safe, non-irritating materials are suitable for contact lens wearers.

Question:How soon will I see a difference in my appearance?

Answer: Results are immediate and will last as long as you wear the correcting strip.

Question:Does the correcting strip leave behind any residue?

Answer: No. When applied and removed properly, the organic adhesive material separates cleanly and completely from the skin.

Question:Can I use LIDS BY DESIGN to correct bags under my eyes?

Answer: No. The correcting strips are designed and intended for use only on the upper eyelid.

Final Thoughts On Contours Rx Lids By Design Review

If you have saggy, droopy, tired eyes and are looking for a natural alternative to give you that oomph, you need to try Contours Rx’s LIDS BY DESIGN. This is the safest, easiest way to achieve lifted, bold eyes. You wear them every day as part of your daily routine. You will feel more confident and secure about yourself and your looks. I didn’t think you would feel this way again, especially in your 50’s.

For anyone looking to get in on this amazing beauty secret, I’ll include the link below.  So if I were you, I’d probably stock up! You really can’t have too many since you will probably end up wearing them every day too!

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