Liveguard Pro review 2020:Does It Really Worth It?

Liveguard pro review

It has been proven time and time that having a reliable security system in place can not only alert property owners of intruders but helps deter them before they ever strike. Being aware that a security system is installed on a property, Bulgars and criminals are much less likely to strike for fear of being caught. Giving this peace of mind to property owners and helping families keep themselves safe are the driving forces behind what Liveguard Pro does. If you want to keep an eye on what’s happening in your home when you’re not there, but you don’t want to invest in a full-fledged home security system, a Wi-Fi-connected camera is worth a look.

Security is everybody’s business and is very importantly in this day and age. People tend to make security a priority and wants to know that their homes and businesses are well protected. One of the best ways to get that protection is to install security cameras, and as such Liveguard Pro is here to let you know the best way to monitor your home under full surveillance. We all feel like having a functional reliable CCTV at home though most of us tend to shy away when we hear the amount and cost of maintaining it, that enthusiasm and hunger for video-processing home security camera tends to move out of our mind.

Liveguard Pro video cameras use Internet Protocol to transmit image data and control signals over a high bandwidth network via an ethernet link. Commonly referred to as network cameras, Internet Protocol cameras work much like analog closed circuit television (CCTV). Typically, a vast number of Internet Protocol cameras are deployed together with a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or a Network Video Recorder (NVR), to create a video surveillance system, along with other video servers and security monitors, which creates a comprehensive network for capture and storage.

Although a vast number of cameras that sends and receive data through a computer network and internet can be called “webcams”, the term “Internet Protocol camera (IP)” or “netcam” is applied only to those used for surveillance. There are two kinds of Internet Protocol cameras, namely, Centralized Internet Protocol cameras and Decentralized Internet Protocol cameras.

The Centralized IP cameras require a central Network Video Recorder (NVR) to handle the recording, video, and alarm management. While the Decentralized IP cameras, don’t require an external recorder, as they have recording functionality built-in which allows recording directly to digital storage media such as a flash drive, hard disk drive, or network-attached storage. 

There are numerous advantages when using this kind of system, because installing and adding new cameras is easy and cost efficient. Another great benefit of using VoIP(voice over IP) security, is that as IP cameras stream live video via digital packets across an internet protocol network such as a LAN (Local Area Network) or the Internet, and as such, video streams can be accessed remotely, including via smartphones, and also stored remotely. IP Cameras usually have a high resolution, providing greater image detail and quality than traditional analog CCTV, which is often grainy and quite difficult to distinguish for quality and finer features.

With this review, we are going to examine everything about this efficient and reliable device that offers complete home security for it’s user’s.

We will give in-depth knowledge about this product, from the pros and cons to all it’s features.

liveguard pro review jpeg
liveguard pro review

What is Live guard pro Reviews

Liveguard Pro is an amazing  surveillance bulb with Wi-Fi function and free mobile iOS and Android available viewing apps.You can watch and listen to what is happening in real time practically from anywhere, be it in the office, when you are on tour or even when you go on vacations.

This smart camera alerts you of an intruder with its powerful motion detection system, and sends an instant notification directly to your phone, allowing you to react swiftly and on time to the given situation.

The advanced 360 degree wide angle allows for a unique super wide view that detects optimal coverage. Mainly seen as a regular light bulb, this spy bulb fits in any standard socket.

Cost effectiveness is a unique advantage of the LiveGuard Pro Security Bulb camera. An IP Network infrastructure is often already existing and used for other applications within the home or an organisation’s, so a network video application can be easily added to the existing infrastructure. Furthermore LiveGuard Pro Security Bulb camera Video  running on Wi-Fi networks, thus using standard service hardware for video recording and storage rather than additional costly equipment such as DVRs and additional wires which is involved for analogue CCTV Systems.

This significantly reduces equipment and management costs. High-performing multi-sensors cameras are also available, such as the eight-megapixel 180 degree and 360-degree panoramic cameras which can drastically reduce user cost per unit area under surveillance by covering more ground sophisticatedly than the traditional cameras.

LiveGuard Pro Security Bulb camera offers high quality images, as we all know It is critical for high image quality in a video surveillance application to clearly capture an incident and identify persons or objects involved. With progressive scan and megapixel technologies, the LiveGuard Pro Security Bulb camera can deliver better image quality and higher resolution than traditional analog cameras.

LiveGuard Pro Security cameras are capable in providing up to 16x times the resolution of traditional analog cameras. Analog images are made of lines and each image is formed from two interfaced fields which are then converted to digital formats for viewing. At each conversion, the images captured are degraded and the further the analog video signals need to travel, the quality of images lower.

While in a fully digital surveillance system, images from a network camera are digitalized once and they stay digital with no unnecessary conversions and there is no affected on the image resolution due to distance traveled over a network. In addition, digital images are more easily stored and retrieved than in cases where analog videotapes are used.

An easy, effective anti-theft and evidence-gathering tool, the LiveGuard Pro Security Concealed Lightbulb Camera allows you to watch live streaming remotely and undetected. Ideal for home or office security, or for care-taking for children and the elderly, this camera requires no special installation.

Features of LiveGuard Pro Review 

  • 1080P: super clear and crystal image.
  • 360-degree viewing angle,fish-eye lens
  • Remote control: it’s camera can be controlled by IOS or Android APP.  Which Watch on your house whenever possible.

The battery  built-in of which last for 30 minutes allows you to save the last video when power’s off.

  • Motion detection: it produces an alarm when motions are detected and real-time notification will be sent to your smartphone.
  • It supports loop recording.
  • It Supports Micro SD card max to 64GB (not included).
  • It’s easily installed (simple plug-n-play)
  • It Supports IOS and Android, watch the live video together with recording and playback.
  • Monitoring indoor places such as family rooms, nurseries, garages, warehouse, office, store, etc.
  • Great for baby care, pet care, and the elderly when you are out.
liveguard pro review jpeg
liveguard pro review

Why we all need a security camera in our homes:

The world we live in today is filled with constant threats of attacks. This has led to a tremendous increase of building a custom smart home by families, which is also known as a property that’s sophisticatedly equipped with security, automation, and around the clock surveillance. The development of technology has also led to an increase in the variety of cameras homeowners can use to protect their homes, with the most commonly used being security cameras and surveillance cameras.

A majority of us have lost one, two or more belongings at home without any trace and as such left us with pains and regrets.

The crime of a home invasion burglary is complete as soon as the thief enters, even if the intended theft or felony never occurs. For instance, suppose a burglar breaks a window and enters a home, with the intent to steal a television set. Once inside the camera records all the activities of the intruder.

A vast majority of cameras are commonly found in commercial and industrial settings, but due to their cost effectiveness, ease of use and simplicity, they are becoming more popular for home security systems as well. Thanks to advanced technology and the diminished need for more bulkier equipment. Internet Protocol cameras (IP) can be as small as a few inches long and are therefore great for monitoring small and large spaces, including everywhere from safes to private offices and from retail store to parking lots.

Many homeowners have upgraded their systems to include surveillance cameras for several reasons. As earlier mentioned above, they are very discreet, which makes them very efficient to monitor even the smallest of spaces without letting others know that they’re being monitored.

These types of cameras are ideal for families with small children who want to ensure that their loved ones are being properly cared for, when in the hands of a babysitter or nanny, great for households with paid staff and for families with teens. Surveillance cameras installed in homes have been used to serve a number of purposes, including preventing theft, ensuring that teenagers are on good behavior and that household staff is making the best use of their paid time.

Business owners have a lot to deal with as is without adding to the mix vandalism, theft or employee misconduct. Surveillance cameras have been used to help business owners gain more control over their operations. On one end of the spectrum, they are used to protect the business from theft and vandals.

Business owners can place cameras discreetly throughout their buildings or even in their parking lots. If something happens, let’s take, for instance, a hit and run accident or a theft in-store, the business owner can pull up high-resolution footage of the incident and use it to identify the perpetrator. Today’s Internet Protocol technology is so advanced that it can capture the images of a license plate from hundreds of feet away, or capture a person’s image as clearly as if the photo was taken head-on.

On the other end of the spectrum, surveillance cameras can be used to overseer employee behavior. Unfortunately, a vast majority of business owners have to deal with dishonest employees who steal from the company, goof off on the job or probably perform other activities that are outside the scope of their work.

These employees can cost employers a whole lot of money, which is why it is imperative that business owners understand how their employees are behaving when they’re not around. LiveGuard Pro Security cameras can help with that. When employees know that they’re being monitored, they are more likely to maintain high productivity levels and less likely to do something that may compromise the integrity of the company or their job.

While network security should always be a prime concern for your business, you shouldn’t neglect your physical security either. A good way for you to protect yourself is to consider a video surveillance system for your home.They provide multiple functions for you – they can deter crime while providing you with a clear picture of any offender and improve security through remote monitoring inside and outside your house. CCTV recordings serve as an overwhelming and irrefutable evidence in any given investigation. A CCTV system can help prevent crimes and discourage any intruder from bothering you at home or otherwise.

Many consumer-level surveillance cameras used for home security send a live video stream to a companion app on the user’s phone. Internet Protocol cameras (IP) in the home generally connect to the internet via a Wi-Fi, Broadband, or Ethernet cable. Internet Protocol cameras (IP) used to be more common in small businesses than in homes, but that is no longer the case. A 2017 survey of 3,000 Americans revealed 25% of them owned home security cameras. 

This crossover of Internet Protocol cameras (IP) to home use is largely due to the device’s self-installation. IP cameras don’t require professional installation, saving time for home and business owners. On the other hand, large businesses and commercial spaces, like malls, require high-resolution videos (i.e 4K), many cameras, and professional applications to accommodate the installation and management of the cameras.

One of the most popular abilities that Wi-Fi home security cameras have is the ability to view their camera footage via your mobile phone app or other application software. Many cameras offer features such as a wide-angle lens (around 140 degrees, or pan/tilt up to 350 degrees horizontal, 90 degrees vertical), low-light or night vision, and motion detection. When an event occurs, such as detected motion, users can receive alarms and notifications via an app. Video clips can be stored in a local device through a cloud service or micro-SD card.

Technical Specifications Of Live Guard Pro Reviews

  • Video encode: H.264
  • Power supply: 85~264V, AC
  • Camera Resolution: 1920*1080P
  • OS Support: IOS and Android
  • Lens Angle: Wide-angle 130 °
  • Light LED Color: Cold White/Warm White/Color
  • Light LED: 5W
  • Working Temperature: -10~+60℃
  • IR LED: 940nm, 3W
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g/
  • Backup Supply: Up-to 30 minutes.
liveguard pro review jepg
liveguard pro review

Benefits of LiveGuard Pro Security Bulb Camera:

  • 12 megapixel concealed camera with 1080p video in a 160 degree super wide-angle lens for ultra crisp videos and shots
  • It has been noted that 36 bright white bulbs will light up the whole room while completely concealing the camera
  • It has the ability of preventing even the most trained eye from knowing
  • It can View anywhere with free mobile app (accessible on iOS and Android platforms)
  • Its Detection features includes instant notifications sent to your phone and built-in microphone to give you sound and noise
  • There is no screws, wires or installation needed
  • It’s camera connects to Wi-Fi in minutes and is ready to go.
  • No subscription fees, you can buy it now and own it forever.
  • Very affordable- Company is currently offering a 50% Discount + Free shipping, you literally have nothing to lose from a premium cam of this quality.

Package content of the LiveGuard Pro Security Bulb Camera:

  • 1 Light Bulb Camera
  • 1 Lamp holder
  • 1 Lamp holder screws
  • A user’s manual
  • A user certificate
  • A packing box
liveguard pro review jpeg
liveguard pro review

Pros of the LiveGuard Pro Security Bulb Camera:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Supports notification and it’s iOS and Android compatible
  • Difficult for burglars to identify
  • Very efficient and sophisticated camera
  • Is very affordable as a promo for this new product is ongoing.
  • Resolution in cameras just keeps getting better and better, and LiveGuard Pro cameras have superior image quality to that of analogs. Most of the  cameras with different resolutions and aspect ratios customized to your needs.
  • It’s video is encrypted and authenticated so transmission is secure.
  • Whereas with an analog camera you need to have an encoder or decoder, there’s no need for that with LiveGuard Pro Security Bulb camera.

Cons of the LiveGuard Pro Security Bulb Camera:

  • You can only purchase online at the moment, as it is quite a new product.
  • Publicity of this product is quite poor at the moment.
  • LiveGuard Pro Security Bulb cameras have a higher resolution, so they generate larger files than analog. The storage space can only be adjusted accordingly.

How do I purchase the LiveGuard Pro Security Bulb camera:

At the moment, you can purchase the LiveGuard Pro Security Bulb camera from the company official website in the link below.

They offer the security product at a 50% discount. Free shipping is included in the package. Make sure you see the McAfee, TRUSTe and Norton logo before purchasing.

Customers Reviews On Liveguard Pro Reviews


A gadget like Liveguard Promust be used legal to record images of your home or your business, and even use them in any type of legal process, but they cannot be shared without the consent of the people recorded.


Very happy to have a wonderful camera recording, I got images of thieves breaking up my shop door and the police were able to identify and arrest them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Liveguard Pro Review

Q:Is it a light bulb too

A:yes,it has a Wi-Fi features too with camera of 34 white led in it

Q: does the bulb run out the light socket

A: it be  turn on the power for a long time or it will not work out.

Q:can it be used outdoors

A:note it is not water resistant so it is advised to be stall indoor

Q:can I saved to icold 

A:yes,you can

Q:where can I get this gadget

A:The official website

Q:can I send sensitivity of the motion detection

A: this WiFi light bulb have 5 level of sensitivity to suit you

Q:this camera bulb stops sending me notification on my phone and they all on

A:try taking the SD card out and try to restart it

Q: what happens when the SD card full

A:it delete the video that is older and keep on recording the new one

Q: what is the operating temperature range

A: the operating temperature range is -20 to -50

Q:can I view the video internationally

A:yes as long as you connect the WiFi on it

Q:is the white light bulb compatible with alexa

A:yes the WiFi light bulb is compatible and has google assistant

Q:can the WiFi bulb work when there is no light

A: yes it can work when there is no light provided that is on

Conclusion Of Liveguard Pro Reviews:

This protection bulb is past the normal safety bulb you see available. It has effective methods of communicating what is occurring to your house irrespective of your place, and offers you actual view and also the identification of the individual carrying out the act. With the above attributes and specifications, I am really bold to recommend it to you as an economical but yet very powerful security camera as well as an electric bulb.

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