SelfCam Pro Review 2020:A Must Read To Avoid Regret?

selfcam pro Review

The notion of celebrating every occasion of life has exaggerated the requisition for capturing every moment on camera. Presently, people click selfies on all occasions ranging from weddings, birthday parties, anniversary, reunions, vacations, get-togethers, and almost every other occasion. At most major events, there are selfie booths, where people can take pictures using different kinds of props. Such occasions cause people to purchase accessories that can easily assist them in taking selfies.

Given the increasing number of events, selfie sticks come in handy because of its ease and uniqueness. A vacation is incomplete without the mandatory selfie and this factor is boosting the need for a good and reliable selfie stick.

On numerous occasions, selfie sticks make the tasks of taking video recordings and photographs considerably simpler. These are accessories that help individuals to improve the content and furthermore help them to conveniently carry their gear. One of these gears or equipment is the tripod and a cell phone stick.

The younger generation is highly tech-savvy and likes to be updated with new gadgets and devices with advanced features. With an accelerating usage of social media platforms, the enthusiasm for selfies is also increasing as social media provides a good platform to share happy moments by clicking selfies. Selfie device makes the entire process easier as these devices assist people to click perfect pictures from their smartphones at various angles easily.

A Selfie stick is a monopod, and we usually use one to mount and also extend your smartphone away from your body in order to take low or high-angled photographs of yourself, family, and friends. Many models have a camera control button built into the handle, making it easier for yourself to actually take pictures while your phone is out of reach.

SelfCam Pro Portable Selfies Stick is a product you can call a two one product. This gadget fills in as a selfie stick and amount stand for the user. This handheld gadget can hold a cell phone firmly with its solid grapes, and afterward, connect with the aid of Bluetooth with the gadget, thus allowing users take pictures and videos from a more elevated angle and with a more extensive view, with a simple touch on the button one side of the stick.

The stick can likewise be transformed into a tripod stand, so users can put their mobile phones in one spot and take pictures or recordings. SelfCam Pro nonetheless, is a valuable device for many individuals. Nonetheless, we cannot have an amazing picture or video to upload all by ourselves. We must certainly have someone else do it for us or we keep struggling with the camera until we get a perfect picture or video. The third and best solution is to get a selfie stick, which will instantly add quality without needing to struggle with the camera button or ask strangers to help us out.

What is SelfCam Pro?

selfcam pro review jpeg
selfcam pro review

This is a device in the form of a rod on which a camera or smartphone is mounted, enabling the person holding it to take a photograph of themselves from a more elevated distance than if holding the camera or smartphone in their hand. This allows for shots to be taken at angles and distances that would not have been possible with the human arm on its own.

SelfCam Pro Is the most recent participator inside the Selfie-Tripod Section. It is connected to a smartphone via its jack plug, and can also be tethered using Bluetooth controls. The connection between the device and the selfie stick enables the user to decide with ease when to take the picture or start recording a video by clicking a button located on the handle.

SelfCam Pro lets you test using particular photographic platforms, for example, timelapse and long-exposure, if your smartphone enables such tech. Nonetheless, all these eye-catching accessories are superb when traveling or going on a trip with family, friends or even colleagues. They are really cheap and let you earn a bigger form of selfies with increased innovation.

SelfCam Pro Is one of the greatest branded Bluetooth accessories. It has a more Bluetooth-based convenience distant regulator and a superb battery lifetime which enables one to use your selfie stick for quite a while.

You may use the pole for shooting selfies, likewise also to set pictures. It is extremely easy and convenient to use the rod, just by bending it and setting it alongside your own smartphone utilizing Bluetooth. The rod has a flexible headset which pivots to 270 levels. This ensures that you capture pictures that are stunning from any angle you might want.

Indeed, even the SelfCam Pro selfie rod has an extendable figure of 31 inches. As regards to set pics, you will be able to capture more people in 1 photograph today. Simply take the greatest satisfying group selfies on this particular product if you are on an occasion or maybe a family reunion gathering.

The Bluetooth option is the more high-tech version, but it also requires much power. Selfie sticks with support for Bluetooth normally have a micro-USB port located in the handle base for charging (and the USB cable is typically included).

With the cable option, you simply take the tiny coiled cable poking out from the top of the selfie stick and then plug it into your smartphone while it’s mounted or clamped in place. There’s no need to pair your phone or charge the selfie stick or any of that, because everything will be instantly ready to go. Just press the button on the selfie camera stick in order to take photos or make video recordings.

About SelfCam Pro Reviews

SelfCam Pro Advanced Selfie Stick has been made by numerous experts and likewise with the co-operation of a variety of content makers as well. This gadget has been made bearing in mind the requirements of the users and it has been performing great in the market.

This gadget is lightweight since its stick has been made with aluminum which is light and solid. The grips are solid and the phone gets mounted effectively using the mount provided toward the finish of the stick. The size of the mount can be balanced according to the size and shape of the gadget.

Both the finishes have silicon utilization so it doesn’t feel hard to hold and is anything but difficult to carry. The mount is made using lace fiber which has a stout base. SelfCam is absolutely shock-proof and can withstand a frail bit of damage to external impacts as well. Nonetheless, it is an exceptionally valuable gadget for all content makers.

Features Of Selfcam Pro Review

  • SelfCam Pro is a professional portable selfies stick
  • It is lightweight
  • Easy to use and portable
  • Stable selfie shooting
  • It serves as both a selfie stick and a tripod stand for standalone shooting
  • Take pictures or videos at a higher angle and broader view

Technical Specifications of SelfCam Pro Reviews

Below is the technical specifications of this SelfCam Pro.

  • Aluminum body
  • Expandable
  • Rustproof: Built with strong mounting
  • Firm cell phone grip
  • Bluetooth connection: no cables
  • Selfie stick and tripod stand combination
  • Strong clamp-on
  • High connectivity
selfcam pro review jpeg
selfcam pro review

Benefits of SelfCam Pro Reviews

SelfCam Pro has grown exceedingly compared to other selling accessories of the producers and a lot of content makers are likewise using it. The gadget has numerous advantages and some of them are:

  • Stretchable or expandable stick: Unfolding Selfcam Pro presents you with a selfie stick of around 40 inches long. This advantage gives you extra gravity control owing to its focal point of weight balance.
  • Firm grip on The clamp of SelfCam enables you to put your cell phone gadget and fix it on the selfie stick firmly.
  • Great Connectivity: SelfCam Pro has extraordinary connectivity, which implies that everybody ought to have the option to utilize it without having any issue.
  • No More Asking Strangers: Another great perk of using a selfie stick is no more having to seek out a random stranger to take a picture for you. That means no more searching for someone who looks like they won’t steal your phone, no more standing there awkwardly waiting for them to figure out how to use it, and no more of those oblivious pedestrians walking right through the shot. I think we can all do without that.
  • Affordable: SelfCam Pro review maintains that this gadget is highly affordable with 50% discount and free shipping worldwide.

How to use SelfCam Pro Review

SelfCam Pro Telescopic Expanding Selfies Stick is one of the few devices that are valuable for individuals who make content using their cell phones or need to take pictures from a more extensive or elevated angle. This is a two one gadget that helps in various perspectives for improving quality pictures and video recordings.

The best thing about this accessory is that it connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity without using any form of wire. This makes it incredibly easy to use. 

This gadget has been built to give a firm grip and handling to the users. This device holds the cell phone in one hand and goes about as a selfie stick to give an elevated view to the camera.

Its stick can be stretched out to different lengths, using the attachments fit in the gadget. Since it gets connected with the gadget via Bluetooth, one can without much of a stress snap pictures from the gadget with just a click on the button positioned at the holding end of the stick.

Additionally Selfcam Pro gets transformed into a tripod stand of height approximately 8 inches which is exceedingly helpful when taking stationary videos or setting the camera in one place in order to take pictures. The smartphone’s physical means of triggering the camera, such as the sound volume controls or the touch screen camera button of the device, are replicated on headphones with on-cord controls. Selfie sticks when plugged into a smartphone jack plug, it is seen by the smartphone as headphone.

The selfie stick gives more practical use in situations that require assistance for taking photos and videos at difficult and complex angles that need to be taken from an extended, elevated distance beyond the arm’s reach. It allows the user to take photos and videos in dangerous or near to impossible situations, such as recording a footage in a very deep hole, over a cliff, or simply at an angle that is too far away from the user.

The stick can used for taking selfies as well as group photos. It is extremely easy to use, simply by turning it on and pairing it with your smartphone via Bluetooth. The Selfcam Pro stick comes with an adjustable head that can rotate up to 270 degrees. This ensures that you can capture stunning photos from any angle you desire. When it comes to group photos, you will be able to cram more people in one photo. Take the most satisfying group selfies with this product whether you’re in a party or in a family gathering.

The most common way on how to use a selfie stick is to take your smartphone, then slide it in place or mount it on the end of the selfie stick as instructed by the manufacturer, and connect it via Bluetooth or the 3.5mm jack. From there, extend the selfie stick’s rod and then use the camera button built into the stick’s handle or fob in order to remotely capture photos and videos.

Reasons Why SelfCam Pro is a MustHave for everyone.

Without being told, if you are somebody who fancies taking individual pictures and love video recording, you’ll definitely realize purchasing SelfCam Pro is ideal for your routine.

  • Since Selfcam Pro is a remote selfie stick that connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone and transforms into a steady tripod when required, you are spared from the run ins of physically taping on the cell phone button at whatever point you need to snap a photo or make a video.
  • SelfCam Pro accompanies a battery-powered Bluetooth controller that allows you to take shots with the press of a button. This comes in handy when you are using the tripod feature of the stick.
  • SelfCam Pro efficiently permits you to catch pictures and video recordings from a distance, either as a monopod (when you are using it as a selfie stick on your hand) or as a mount (when you are using it as an independent camera). Using SelfCam Pro guarantees steady efficient and quality pictures and video recordings.

Other benefits include:

  • SelfCam Pro gives you a higher and more wider angle to take pictures and videos.
  • It is anything but difficult to use and maintain.
  • It doesn’t use cables so don’t stress over mistakenly cutting the wires. It is fairly connected with your smartphone through Bluetooth.
  • SelfCam Pro is both a selfie stick and a tripod stand.
  • Its tripod stand has a tough and high base. 
  • It doesn’t give strain while holding for quite a while.
  • Awesome Angles & Perspectives.
  • You can take a photo without getting tired
  • No worries of asking people to help you take a photo
  • No shakiness when taking selfies
  • It saves you from text-neck disorder

Pros of the SelfCam Pro Review

  • SelfCam Pro is lightweight, portable and easy to use.
  • Setup is completely hassle free.
  • It is exceptionally tough and has a durable design.
  • Affordable price tag.
  • Stable selfie shooting.
  • Take pictures or video recordings at a higher angle and more wider view.
  • It comes with a 30-days money back guarantee.

Cons of the SelfCam Pro Reviews

  • Limited stock.
  • It can only be purchased online, though it’s not a problem because most people already buy different products online.

How to connect with the stick

There is a button at one side of the stick which should be pressed for quite a time, when turning on the stick and afterward, use the smartphone’s Bluetooth to connect with the gadget.

selfcam pro review jpeg
selfcam pro review

Customers review on Selfcam Pro 

Eric Drummond

The overall build quality is top notch as well everything fits nice and neatly in place and the smartphone clamps click into place and lock firmly it feels extremely solid so that is really good as well. Another positive would be the overall balance of the selfie stick / tripod it’s extremely balanced even while having devices that are a little bit heavy and it doesn’t get top or back heavy making it lean it stays very firm and nice in place.


This is definitely one of the best versatile selfie stick I was able to test so far. This item could be also used as a stand alone tripod too ! And, the cherry on the top of the cake is that it works great with GoPro cameras as well !

So in short…


– Feels sturdy and well made

– Lightweight, despite the fact being a bit bulky

– The phone-clamp folds completely against the stick’s body, allowing you to carry this stick in your pocket

– Can be also used as stand alone tripod

– Phone clamp is removable and then this stick can be used to hold GoPro cameras instead

– Includes an adapter to be able to mount any camera equipped with a 1/4″ tripod-mount tread on it

– Includes a Bluetooth remote shutter-button to remotely take selfies

Final Thoughts On Selfcam Pro Reviews

SelfCam Pro is predominantly for individuals who create content via their cell phones. Selfcam Pro is a two in one gadget as it is a selfie stick and a tripod with a mount stand for independent shooting.

Typically, it helps in improving quality pictures and video recordings. Doubtlessly the best benefit of this gadget is that it connects with your cell phone via Bluetooth connection and it also has a Bluetooth remote controller for controlling it. This makes it amazingly easy to use.

The selfie stick of SelfCam Pro has a unique feature of being stretched out to different lengths utilizing the attachments fit in the gadget.

At the point when transformed over into a mount, SelfCam Pro has a height of over 8 inches, which is exceptionally helpful in making stable video recordings or taking more stunning pictures.

It also comes with a 30-days money back guarantee, so that if at all customers are not satisfied with the product, they can return it within the specified date and collect their full refunds. So you have nothing to worry about.

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